Thursday, May 16, 2013


Dear Teacher's Day, when we taught kids, we got socks as a thank you. As appreciative as I was for new cartoon covered foot wear, I think I enjoy our gifts from our adults students a tad bit better. 
Dear Summer Vacation, planning for you has officially started. I can't wait to finally road trip across Cambodia and see these things in person! I'm so incredibly thankful and beyond grateful for these trips we get to take together and the memories that we create along the way.
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Dear China, even though I hate the fact that you charge $200 for a tourist visa for Americans, it's pretty cool that you have free layover visas. If you have a flight leaving within 72 hours of landing, you can enter the country for free. At least that's what we've been told. We'll be trying it out when we have a 10 hour layover in Shanghai on our way to Cambodia. Dear Hubs, I came home from work and found this in our living room. I love our version of 'glamping' complete with chick flicks and chocolate chip cookies. You sure do know how to make a girl feel special. 
Dear Buddah, thank you for being born and thank you Korea for recognizing it as a national holiday and therefore canceling all work. I love Korean holidays. Which leads me to... Dear Monks, as peaceful as your chants are and as much as I typically like to listen to them, this is not the case when you do it over a mega phone every night at eleven o'clock. 

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