Thursday, November 15, 2012


Dear Seoul, your landscape this time of year is breathtaking. You even had the hubs commenting continuously about how beautiful the trees were. Dear America, Black Thursday? Is this really necessary? Just when I thought that it was bad to open at midnight on Friday, you take it a step further. I like the good ole' days when all of Thanksgiving was dedicated to family, friends and seeing how much food we can consume.
Dear Seoul, you also have the largest leaves I have ever seen in my life. Dear Zeke, you love the vacuum and will sit and stare at it with no fear while I use it. Yet, you are terrified of a toothbrush. You're a weirder cat than I thought. 

Dear Korea, thank you for the most amazing holidays. Case in point, 11/11. Also known as Pepero day. Or a day when kids give friends and teachers one of my favorite Korean candies.  Dear hubs, thank you for initiating must needed date nights, or in this week's case, date day. It's always my favorite thing to look forward to. Dear Thanksgiving, you're coming early this year and being celebrated on Sunday. So thankful for a family of friends overseas to celebrate with. We'll even have a turkey...even if it is $125 a pop. Dear hubs, you have been a rockstar at complements this week. You have no idea how much it means to me especially knowing it's not your love language and therefore does not come naturally.