Thursday, November 8, 2012


Dear soup night, you're pretty much the best idea ever. So thankful for good soup and even better friends to share it with. Dear hubs, I found out this week that we do indeed have geek love. Telling me that you have to go write some HTML code is so incredibly attractive (maybe it's because I suck at this area, I had my teacher in school do most of it for me...slacker) Dear packages from home, you and your little bits of home make it so much easier to be away. You rock. Dear hubs, we're off to our favorite city this weekend...Seoul! I'm so glad that the country's largest city is just a short four hour bus ride away (to be fair, from top to bottom of the country is about 7 hours). This trip is actually kind of bittersweet as it will be the last trip we take with our first friends in Korea, since they're leaving us soon.  Maybe shopping and good food will help us cope.


Happy weekend! Anyone have any exciting plans?!