Thursday, November 22, 2012

A good turkey of a day

Although chilly, it was a beautiful sunny day as Emma and I emerged from the rig for her first outs.  Since wild turkeys are so abundant on the refuge, I decided we should go for a ride so I could get a picture of this bird on its most prominent day on the calendar.  I’ve seen turkeys everyday I’ve been out on the refuge, so I figured it would be a piece of cake to find them.

Turkey, Gobler, male

You know what they say about the best laid plans…  Not a turkey was to be found this morning.  So, I’m including this stunning photo that I posted last year from the Texas Parks and Wildlife site. 


Since the refuge was closed for the holiday, we were able to drive about knowing we were the only ones on the wildlife drive today.  We took an hour and a half to do the eight miles, and lingered at favorite spots enjoying the peace and quiet.


The deep blue skies, reddish orange of the cypress trees, greens of the pines, and yellows from the deciduous trees presented a beautiful palette  of color to appreciate.  I took time to honor this day of Thanksgiving, and marveled at nature’s gifts that I find all around me.  I continue to remain thankful for the life I am allowed to live.

71 Okefenokee NWR 2012-1315

Along about 2:00, all of us gathered in the Volunteer Village double-wide trailer for a traditional feast of turkey and all the trimmings.  Fellow volunteers Barb and Barry did most of the work in providing our repast, and I really appreciate all of their work.  It was a delicious meal! 

Afterwards, the men watched football while the women kibitzed.  Near the end of the game we all decided to watch a DVD up in the auditorium of the Visitors Center.  There is a big screen and surround sound that is like being in a movie theater.  Barb’s grandson had a part in the movie, so that added interest to the show.  Well, it was a movie about an infection that was spreading worldwide and killing people including the grandson.  (I can’t remember the name of the movie)  I only lasted about twenty minutes into it, and had to leave.  It was a little too graphic for me.  Sick smile Guess I’m just  ‘The Waltons’ type of movie watcher. 


While I didn’t find a wild turkey that survived to live another day, I was able to find the ‘bluebird of happiness’.  Winking smile  Either would have been appropriate for this Thanksgiving Day…

Thanks for stopping by… talk to you later,  Judy