Thursday, November 1, 2012

A way to get even more stares in Korea

Halloween isn't widely celebrated in Korea. Well, my kids say that they celebrate but when I ask them if they dress up or go trick or treating, they say 'no'. So I'm not sure what exactly they do. All I know is that them not celebrating wasn't going to stop us from celebrating. And since Koreans don't really dress up on this special occasion, we got more than the usual amount of stares and pointing while we were out. The worker of a convenience store we were outside of even stood at the door and stared us down until we left. We started out at a place that sells great mix drinks in...pouches. Don't ask me why, I don't quite understand. But they're the cheapest place to go for drinks and they're good so I don't question it. Oh and the two backward looking F's on the package is the Korean way for a laughing sounds. Instead of 'haha' they say a 'kk' sound.Getting into character...I loved our costumes by the way. One of the easiest and most comfortable costumes I've worn in a long time. Unless you count the numerous years I went as a doctor because my parents could get me scrubs from We ended the night by bowling until closing time. We're wild party animals I tell ya.The girls rocked it that night...we didn't win but I'd have to say we looked to best while bowling.Later that night we went from burglars to cat burglars *cheesy Halloween jokes*Oh and I did what every good teacher does on Halloween. Copy an art project from a friend and have the kids make spiders. I don't think they understood the correlation between Halloween and paper spiders but they had fun nonetheless. Hope everyone had a great Halloween!