Thursday, August 1, 2013

Picture convolution continues

I was pumped up and ready to lead an outstanding refuge tour this morning, but nobody showed up.  Aw, shucks!  I hate it when that happens.  I took myself on the tour anyway, in hopes of spotting a wolf along the back road, but that didn’t happen either.  Oh well, maybe another day.  That finished up my work week, so I headed back to the rig.


This afternoon, I sat outside taking some pictures of the hummingbird war that is developing over the one feeder I have left.  I had a second oriole feeder that the hummers were using, but the other night some raccoons totally destroyed it. 


I wanted some pictures so I could try out the suggestion that Rick made on uploading pictures to Picasa when you have Windows 8.  He knew I was feeling frustrated with the convoluted process I have been using.  I followed his instructions to a ‘T’.


However, it didn’t work.  When he clicks on change PC settings, he gets a different screen than I do.  I couldn’t find the “Autoplay defaults” anywhere.  I then went to Google+ to see if I could start a “hangout” session with him, but he wasn’t available.  I’m sure he and Paulette were out walking the mutzoes somewhere.


Just two minutes ago, as I was composing this post, I had a brain cramp and went back to read his post once again.  Somehow, a light bulb went off, and maybe, just maybe I’ve figured out the Autoplay thing.  I’ll have to take some more pictures tomorrow to see if I’ve really solved the problem.  I sure hope so.

I have the next three days off, and I’m just not sure what to do with them.  While I was down in Rochester last week, I had my son Andy take my bike, which has been residing in his garage for the last three years, to a bike shop to be reconditioned.


I was sick all that weekend, but the kids came through for me and picked up the bike, and also had a carrier installed on the back of my car so I can transport it with me.  I took it out for a very very short ride this evening.  Oh my.  I could immediately feel what muscles I haven’t used in my right leg since the hip replacement.  I’m thinking if I do some practice riding this weekend, I’ll help myself get past the plateau I seem to have reached with that hip.  There’s another refuge about an hour away from here that I’d like to visit, but the only trails are for bikes.  If I can slowly build up the strength in my right leg, I’m hoping to ride those trails before I leave here.  Tonight’s little excursion let me know I’m not ready for that just yet. 

I’ve been a little down on myself about the hip, but I think this will help me get out of the dumps.  I guess it’s time to get into a senior training mode.  Winking smile

IMG_4109 IMG_4114

Thanks for stopping by… talk to you later,  Judy