Tuesday, August 6, 2013

No Technology Weekend

Do you ever feel like you just need a break from technology? Living as expats, technology has been our saving grace. It helps us keep in touch with loved ones around the world, connects us to other expats and makes our lives easier and more convenient. But does technology and social media ever just get to be...too much? We started to notice that at restaurants, work and even get togethers with friends, people were hooked to their phones, constantly wanting to be connected. Don't get me wrong, I love technology. Perhaps a little too much (just ask my husband).
But there comes a time every now and again for the need to shut down, disconnect, and recharge. This is when we call for a 'no technology weekend'. We shut off our cell phones, turn off the TV and shut down the computers for a weekend. Extreme, yes. Challenging, sometimes. But so rewarding in the end. It's the perfect opportunity for us to recharge and reconnect with each other and those around us.

So what ever do we do for two whole days unhooked from technology? Here are some of our favorite ideas:

.Go camping, even if it's too cold to go outside, set up the tent indoors and roast marshmallows over candles.
.Pack a picnic and go to a park, beach or even stay inside. 
.Grab a hammock and go read a book-Sherlock Holmes is always a hit with my husband.
.Go down to your local animal shelter. Often times they allow people to take the animals out of their cages and take them for walks and play with them.
.Find a dance class, many large cities hold them outdoors during the summer. (oh and by the by I used to dye my hair brown. I've had brown, red and platinum blonde with purple. It's safe to say that I'm done with my dying days)
.Find a new recipe and cook something together.
.Head down to your local pub and play some bar games or pool. 
.Get some culture at your local museum, zoo, or aquarium. Most cities have days of the week that are either free or offer discounted ticket prices.
.Take a bike ride to your favorite restaurant, park, or waterfront.
.Play tourist in your own city. So many times when we live in a city for so long, we forget the attractions that people come there to see. 
.Walk around a neighborhood looking at houses or find an open house to walk through together.
.Head down to the local waterfront or lake and grab some kayaks.
 .Act like kids again and grab some board games.
.Grab a blanket and go find the best place to see stars.
.Drive to your local bookstore and grab travel magazines, house magazines, anything that you guys  have in common and look through them together.
.Get outside and go on a hike.
So would you ever try a weekend with no technology? Tell me how it went!

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