Thursday, July 18, 2013

What's in a Name?

With the recent births of what feels like every single person on Facebook's baby, it's got me thinking a bit about baby names. And as you all know, the first name must correlate well with the last name. The girls at least have it easy and can marry out of it, but pick a bad name for the boy? And they're doomed for life. With the last name 'Diamond' I've got it harder than most people think. No, we're not related to Neil and you'd be surprised how many times I've been asked that question.
By the way, this is my old student Tim, pretty much the cutest kid you'll ever meet. 
In my graduating year of college, my final assignment was to make a website with my portfolio. The address was to be our full name. With the concern of a teacher, I had to search my name in every search engine imaginable. Because apparently, Chelsea Diamond sounds like a stripper. Lucky me. Thankfully, only the Chelsea soccer team and actual diamonds showed up. That's when my hunt for the perfect baby name began.

But so far, the names we like (for example, Ruby and Charlie) make them sounds like a stripper or a 1920's car salesmen. That's a big fat no. I'd really like my children to be messed up because of our own incompetence as parents and not because of the name we give them.

However, we do have that option of just being really mean and going ahead and giving them an obviously cliche name. Some of our favorites?
-Grey Diamond
-Crystal Clear Diamond
-Crystal Ruby Diamond (might as well go ahead and add a Sapphire somewhere in there as well)

But no matter what we choose, I know that it can't compare to some of the English names my Korean students have picked out over the years. My favorites of those? I've had a:
-Chocolate                                 -Strawberry
-Lyon                                         -Alva
-Zinee                                        -Tree
-Pamela (this would be ok except for the fact that it was a little boy)
-Pedro (this may just be my favorite of all time)
-Claude (but of course pronounced 'Cloud')

What do you think? Cloud Lyon Diamond? Or what about just Chocolate Diamond? Needless to say... the search continues.

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