Sunday, July 14, 2013

The New Norm Part IV

Sometimes living in a different country you forget that some of the very odd and different things around you are in fact...odd and different, they instead become a 'new norm' of sorts. So here are a few things that when I first came to Korea seemed odd but now are overlooked.

.Yes. McDonalds delivers. And by the way their delivery men drive, I can't imagine it taking more than a few minutes to get your order from across town. 
mcdonalds delivery]
.We found out the hard way what happens when they overbook the bus. They have small stools in the overhead compartments that you sit on in the middle of the aisle. Thank goodness it was only an hour ride to where we were going.
korean bus
.Street food is something that I never really experienced in the states but have grown to love since living in Korea. Breakfast, lunch or dinner people crowd around these stalls on the street to eat just about any Korean dish. Below you can see gimbap, ddeokbokki (rice cake in red spicy sauce...delicious!) and odeng (fish paste on a thank you).
korean street carts
.I have never seen people take the dentist's advice to brush your teeth after every meal so seriously until I moved to Korea. In every bathroom at work you can see everyone's individual cups and toothbrushes. During lunch time you can see workers walking the halls while brushing their teeth. Dentists everywhere would be so proud. 
.This one really caught me off guard when we first moved to Korea. Growing up, this symbol meant one thing and one thing only. And you certainly wouldn't find it plastered on buildings, or people with necklaces and rings with it. Guess my history lesson was lacking because number one, the symbol is backwards from what the Germans used and two, it's the traditional Buddhist symbol for a temple. I've grown used to it now but there are times where I still see it and it catches me off guard.
korean temple
Have you ever stepped back and realized some of the very 'bizarre' things about the culture you live in? 

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