Monday, July 22, 2013

ANOTHER Giveaway!

July Sponsor Giveaway
Postcards from Rachel July Sponsor
Postcards from Rachel: 1 month "Postcard" ad space
Lost in Travels: 1 month "Nomad Traveler" ad space
Life With A Side of Coffee: 2 months large ad space
Chasing Happy: 1 month "Happy Package" ad space
Aslan's Auspicious Albany Adventure: $10 Sephora card & "Upstate NY" ad
Rainstorms & Love Notes: 2 months large ad space
Hang On, Honey: 1 month "Glass of Chardonnay" ad space
A Fabulous Life in Jamaica: $35 Pacifica gift card Jade and Oak: $10 Target gift card & "Glitter Gold" ad space
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And remember, there's still time to enter to win a FREE ONA CAMERA BAG!
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