Thursday, June 27, 2013


Dear Amber, thanks so much for taking me to learn cupcake decorating for my birthday! Even though I'm pretty sure the owner was giggling so much because, well, let's face it. Frosting decorations just are not my forte (hint, all the pretty perfect ones in the picture above belong to Amber). Dear Seoul, you're my favorite city in Korea by far. I'm so glad we get to spend the weekend, hanging out with friends, shopping, and of course getting our fill of Mexican food. I can taste the guacamole now... Dear Crystal, I hope you're enjoying your little Philippine getaway but I'm ready for you to get back so we can have a blogger meet up this weekend! I can't wait for you to show me the ropes in Seoul for vintage shopping! We all know that you're the best at it. Dear Hubs, I'm so glad I married someone who gets worried about me if I'm too quiet. Which we all know doesn't happen very often. 

Oh and stayed tuned because I have some big news coming up later today!

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About Quinn: Kimchi & Sweet Tea started out as a way to share honeymoon pictures with family. It has turned into so much more. I love sharing our everyday happenings and experiences as a mixed culture family - the good, bad, and hilarious. 

Her Favorite Trip: During the summer of 2009, I was newly married and on my way to South Korea with my husband… and his dad. That's right. My father-in-law joined us on our honeymoon. It turned out to be the best trip ever! Although, my husband still owes me a tradition chaperone-free honeymoon. I am a sucker for history and family stories, so it was nice to have someone tag along that knew the ins and outs of South Korea. We traveled all over the country- adventuring and meeting many of my husband's family members along the way. 
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About Sage: Sage is a faith-based lifestyle blog that aims to bring together women from all walks of life. Sage chronicles the ins-and-outs of everyday life as a twenty-something-year-old Christian gal including realtionships, food, health, and life as a newly engaged lady. As Sage continues to grow, I really hope to provide encouragement, fellowship, and love to all of my readers. It is my hope that my crazy little world will inspire others even in the slightest.

Her Favorite Trip: You would think that with all the international travel I have done, my favorite place to travel would be abroad, but it's not. It's actually right in my own backyard. My favorite place to visit is the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. It is SO much different from the South Rim. It's green, full of aspens and mountain wildlife. Cool breezes dominate, where on the South Rim there are rarely breezes at all. It is a different world, and its serenity gets me every time.
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About Kim: I started blogging when my husband and I decided to relocate to Mexico City. Blogging, has allowed me to share my experiences (good and bad) with my family, friends and readers and connect with other expats. The Mexico you see on the news is not the Mexico I see in my day to day life.  I love exposing people to the  rich culture and wonderful places through the writing and photography on my blog.

Her Favorite Trip: This is a tough question! There are only two places I've ever been, where I've cried every time I boarded the plane to leave: home (for the obvious reason that leaving home and my parents is always sad) and Hawaii.
I love Hawaii.
Hawaii has such a relaxed vibe. It has all of the benefits of life in the US (functional baking system,  Reese's Peanut butter cups, postcards, etc.) but with a very distinct island vibe. The culture in Hawaii is enchanting unique and special. Plus, there are many things to do for free--which makes it even more fun!
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About Heather: Oh hey there, I'm Heather from Fiery & Opinionated! A late 20-something new resident of San Francisco… product manager by day, blogger and fledging amateur photographer by night, food lover and booze aficionado. On my blog you'll hear randomness about my life, musings and yes, opinions on just about everything. 

Her Favorite Trip: My favorite place to visit is, and always will be the lake. I grew up spending my summers on one of the Finger Lakes in upstate NY. It is gorgeous and there's something about time at the lake that relaxes and recharges me like nothing else can. Lucky for me, I found a guy who is also from a 'lake family' so I have two amazing lakes now!