Thursday, June 13, 2013


Dear Philippines, I still can't believe that just one week ago we were repelling down waterfalls, swimming with whale sharks and sipping mango smoothies by the beach. It was the best mini vacation I could ask for. I'll start sharing all the details next week! Just after I stop looking through all our photos on repeat. 
cebu philippines
Dear Hubs, I still can't believe you pulled that off without me knowing! Six months is a long time to keep a secret that big!
snorkeling with whale sharks
snorkeling with whale sharks
Dear Father, thank you for sending me off to Korea with an adequate supply of meds. Taking a z-pak at home is infinitely better than going to the doctor and playing a round of charades. Dear Zeke, ever since Kimchi left, you've been moping around the apartment and instantly whining for us to pick you up the moment we step through the door. Sorry we gave your friend away. Dear Friend, you once told me that after turning 25, it all goes downhill. I know you were joking but I now really hope it's not true since i'm turning the big 25 tomorrow! Dear Hubs, I'm so glad I married an older man because no matter what age I turn, I know you already turned it years ago. Ok, ok, and you looked dang good doing it too.

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