Tuesday, June 11, 2013

This Tricky Little Business Round Two

About a month ago, I featured blogging advice from my sidebar friends and it was a hit. Well since we could always use some advice and direction in this crazy blogging business, I've recruited my current sponsors to give you even more. Feel free to comment below on what your favorite advice is!
I have been blogging off and on since 2005 on the same blog.  It started as a way to just share photos with my family, has had two different domain names, and recently has undergone a name change at the start of 2013.  I have learned more about this blogging community this year than in my previous endeavors. The best advice I can give to other bloggers is to focus on these four C's: 

Content: Should be relevant to your blog, easy to read, connect your readers with your personality, and make people want to come back. 
Consistency: I used to post when I felt like I had something to share. Then I used to try posting once a week but some how the blog would get put on the back burner again.  For me what has worked best is positing every day and I think it comes from just having to write daily.  Find what works for you.  I have written out what type of posts I will write each day and I try sometimes to write them in advance.  That way I know its Tuesday, so I will write a travel post. Even if all my readers do not come to read the Tuesday travel posts, they may come and visit on Wednesday because they know I post about weddings on that day. 
Comment: Always answers comments.  For me this has been a little challenging with the 'no reply' blogger thing. The likely hood of someone returning to a post to see my reply to their comment on the blog is slim, but any comments that come into my email account with a working email I will comment back to those bloggers. 
Community:  Get involved in twitter, instagram, pinterest, etc.  I have realized more than ever this year how that is what helps build new relationships with other bloggers aside from only commenting on each other's blogs.  Get to know the other readers and build your blogging network. 

My best piece of advice is to write like you speak. And don't be afraid of emotion. Nothing turns me off more than when I read a blog post and it sounds formal and unrelatable (I sometimes kick myself for doing this). I think that some bloggers are more successful than others because their readers are able to connect with them on a deeper level. Also, don't feel pressured to write a certain way. There are funny, sarcastic and serious bloggers, and that's a beautiful thing. Everyone is able to have their own voice!

The best advice I got was to try really hard not to compare your blog to other people's blogs.  It's pretty much IMPOSSIBLE advice to follow, but I try to remember it every time I start comparing.  Someone is always going to have better pictures, a funnier post, or a prettier design.  Just stay true to your voice and keep putting out good content - you don't have to do what everyone else is doing!

The best blogging advice I ever received was from Melissa, at Freeing Imperfections. She says--and I totally agree--that you should not post at the same time everyday. Initially, I was a bit of a blog robot. I had to get my posts out religiously every morning so that people could read them with their morning coffee. If I had missed a self imposed deadline of 9:30 am, then I would save the post for the next day. 
Seriously. Lighten up!
Now, I don't post at the same time everyday, and I actually schedule my posts too--so that I don't have to feel like I am on deadline!
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Generally speaking, don't let blogging about life keep you from enjoying your life!  If you write about your marriage, family, home and cooking - make sure you spend three times that amount actually with your husband, children and in your kitchen!  Practically, I can't say enough about Google SEO.  Download a SEO plugin.  Maximise your meta descriptions.  Use Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools and the Google Structured Data Testing Tool to the MAX.  Don't know what these are?  Google them, get to know them, and they will be your best friends.  In particular: fix all your Google crawl errors (do you know how many you have?) in Google Webmaster Tools, verify your site by connecting Google Webmaster Tools with Google Analytics, and then verify your authorship authorship with the Google Structured Data Testing Tool.  Your Google SEO is vital to a good blog! 
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I received some really great advice very early on in my blogging journey from a fellow blogger by the name of Nicole. Nicole blogs over at Bloom (http://www.bloomtheblog.com/). Her simple, yet so important advice to me was, "Blogging really is a huge blessing. Just always keep in mind that its about writing and sharing your heart. It's not about numbers and comments." Admittedly, at first I was like "well, duh!" but now I am seeing EXACTLY why she gave me this advice. I get really caught up in how many page views I have or how often I gain new followers. This is silly, really, because I am write for myself, not to please others. I feel all bloggers, old and new, could benefit from this little piece of blogging advice!
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My blog advice is for beginner bloggers. My best advice is don't be afraid to ask for help. I have e-mailed lots of 'bigger' blogs and asked for advice on how to make a button for my blog, social media buttons, layouts, and so on! Some reply and some don't but it's worth a shot. Also, be true to your own voice. Don't try and be like someone else's blog - be yourself. People will appreciate it. 
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The best blog advice I have ever been given is, always write for yourself. Sometimes this is a hard thing to remember, because I love when my readers enjoy the things I write. But at the end of the day, this is my blog and I need to write things that make me happy. 
I also try to remind myself to not just write for numbers. It is great to make new friends, but those friendships aren't worth anything if I am not truly writing from my heart. 


The best blogging advice I have ever received is to be consistent! To be consistent not just in how many time you post, but in your commenting as well. I have found, the more you comment on the same blogs, the more they will return the favor and comment on your blog. Not only has this gotten me some loyal followers but some great blog friends as well! 
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What's your favorite blog advice?

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