Thursday, June 20, 2013


Notice anything different around here? I'm so excited to finally launch Lost in Travels' new look! There are going to be a few changes around here in the coming months and I can't wait to share everything with you guys! I owe the new format all to a good friend of mine, Rachel, from back home. She's pretty much a design genius. I'm thrilled with what she's provided me and especially excited about the new header which she made a custom font for. I have no idea how to even begin to do that. See why I called in a professional? Also, check out the new 'Travel Tips' page at the top. I hope my trial and error travel experiences can help you on an upcoming trip!
isn't she just gorgeous?
Dear Students, I walked into class last week and was bombarded by sweet messages on the board and everyone holding a cake and singing happy birthday. A+ for everyone. Dear Friends, I always thought that birthdays in Korea wouldn't be that great because I didn't have friends and family from back home here to celebrate with me. Thanks for proving me wrong once again.

Dear Amber, you were my party planner extraordinaire! Thank you so much for all the sweet decorations and the amazing homemade cake! If you haven't visited her blog yet, go check it out to find some awesome DIY crafts!

Dear Korea, you're a little early this year on the rainy season. I hope my students are ok with their teacher looking like a drown rat for the next six weeks because I don't see the point of doing my hair when it will be ruined as soon as the humidity hits it. Hey rainy season, want to leave a little early this year?  Dear Hubs, since we didn't get to spend any alone time on my actual birthday, you made it up to me the next day by waking me up with this. You sure to know how to make a girl happy. Food, the answer is always food. 

Happy happy weekend friends! I finally got more of our Philippines documented and ready to go for next week!

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And now onto some of my lovely sponsor this month. Be sure to check them out and say hi!
About Laura: We are a creative couple who are parents to a very active little man. John is a traditional barber from Wales and Laura is a trained photographer from South Africa and have made there home in the UK (for now!). We love to travel, eat good food, fashion, parenting, spending as much time outdoors as possible while listening to good music and capturing our lives through photo's. 

Her favorite trip: I think one of the best places was simply because it was such a surprising city was Zagreb - the capital of Croatia. Everyone goes to the coast but I had arrived in Zagreb on an overnight train from Zurich, sharing my coupe with two Bosnia's and traveling through Switzerland and Slovenia into Croatia. Arriving into the city it was a bit daunting with graffiti everywhere but I met up with some couch surfing people and discovered the real, young and vibrant city. Also love Cape Town and Nice in the South of France.

About Robyn: Hi everyone! I started to record my ramblings and misadventures of life in Africa (and now the Middle East) for my family and friends abroad. It opened the world of blogging to me and I now love finding new blogs. I am currently living in Kuwait and looking forward to escaping the summer heat very soon! Come over and say hello!

Her favorite trip: My favourite place to visit and travel - Uganda. An easy question for me. It really is the pearl of Africa. If it is not on your bucket list, it should be.

About Emmy: My blog is a constant reminder to me, and I hope to others, that Love is what should drive our day. It's what should motivate us to get up in the morning. And I throw in a lot of coffee, puppies, musicals, books, and other nerdy things along the way.

Her favorite trip: My favorite place that I have traveled to thus far was New York City. It had been a long time dream of mine to travel to the Big Apple (I'm a HUGE Broadway nerd) and when I heard that the movie Newsies was going to Broadway, I knew I had to go see it on stage. On a whim I sent a message out to some of my friends and one agreed to go on a crazy Memorial Day adventure with me! Everything about the city drew me in. After only a couple of hours I felt at home in the heart of Manhattan. A year later I can still hear the call of NYC in the back of my mind and I can't wait until I have the chance to go back. (And yes, Newsies was amazing.)