Thursday, June 6, 2013


Dear Kimchi, Hubs came home with you after you followed him on his bike ride. Worried that you wouldn't make it much longer since you're only a few weeks old and you were living on the side of the road, he brought you home.

I'm so thrilled that after just two days we found you a permanent home with a great friend of ours. Even though I admit that I'll be sad to see you go after afternoons spent with you napping on my lap.

 and watching Zeke actually start to like you...or at least put up with you.
He's a mischievous little one I tell ya.

Dear Hubs, you are oh so sweet with all the work you put into the blog for me. Do I think I'm the best? Heck no. But it's nice to think someone does.
Dear Weather, can you just pick hot or cold please? This switch has given me the nastiest of colds and it's difficult to teach when I can't even breathe out of my nose. Dear Self, please refrain from asking students, especially middle school students, how to say something in Korean. Turns out that for the last year while I thought that I was saying 'I don't speak Korean', I was really saying 'Stop speaking Korean.' Oops.

Happy weekend all! Hubs surprised me Thursday morning with an early birthday surprise of tickets to the Philippines for the weekend! So by the time this post goes up we'll be sippin' mango smoothies by the beach. I'll be back next week with full details!

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