Sunday, April 21, 2013

Korea Bound

I'm so thankful that my parents were able to come and visit us here in Korea. This is actually their second time here and even though we're miles away, it always feels like a little piece of home when they come to visit. The first time they came to visit, I was so nervous they would take one look around and wonder what the heck we were doing here. Korea isn't exactly tourist attraction capitol of the world. So I was pleasantly surprised when they ended up loving it so much that they decided to come a second time (us being here might have had something to do with it also). They even came prepared with a list of things they wanted to see and places they wanted to go during their visit. Unfortunately, we weren't able to see everything on their list mostly due to weather, time, or the fact that cherry blossoms are fickle flowers that disappeared a mere days before they arrived.

While they were here, we:

Found Christmas in April. At least half of that were things for us. It's hard to find things here so we have to take full advantage when someone comes to visit! You've been warned!
There were a few more surprises for us in those bags. We'll never turn down free American goodness. 
Showed them around our workplace (at least the areas that we were allowed to show them) and the massive ships and platforms that our students build. 
 Ate way too much Korea barbecue
 Did a little ziplining through the bamboo forest
 Got a geography lesson on top of a mountain
 Walked along a 'bamboo acupuncture' path. Still have no idea what that means but I do know that it's painful!
Rented bikes and road through fields of flowers in Gyeongju
Ate our fair share of Indian food. Much to my mom's despise (she can't handle the heat...yet)
Found the last few cherry blossoms still in bloom on the island.
Found a hiking trail that wasn't straight up hill (it's extremely rare in Korea to find a trail that doesn't resemble a stair stepper) so we took full advantage of it.
Shopped too much for the boys liking. They're good sports anyway. 
Actually found a legit brunch spot in Busan! We ate our fair share of french toast and eggs benedict. I sooo miss breakfast restaurants from the states!
I think one of the most difficult things about being an expat is being far from friends and family. I can get used to not finding my size in clothing (although it's annoying), I've grown accustomed to the food and also to the vast majority of cultural differences. The one thing that will never change as an expat is just how good it is to see loved ones.

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