Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Hanging By a Wire

We made sure to bring our Go Pro along to capture for photos and video!
I felt like our stay in Chiang Mai was one adrenaline rush after another. I'm the first to admit hubs and I are more than a little a.d.d. when it comes to traveling. We're all for relaxing, getting massages (and at $15 for an hour, who could resist?!) or lying by the beach. But for the most part, we keep this to a minimum. We're just so antsy to see everything we can while we're in a different places. We agreed, however, that once we left Chiang Mai and headed south, that would be when we would lounge on the beach(spoiler alert: that didn't happen either. We spent a total of an hour on the beach before we found a cave and decided to ditch the beach and go explore. This is probably the reason why I came back from Thailand just as pale as I went).
While we were in Chiang Mai, we wanted to take advantage of every opportunity we could, and one of these opportunities was zip lining. It's something we had always wanted to do and were were so excited we were able to do so in a large rain forest. There are several companies to choose from but we chose to go with a smaller company, Jungle Flight, and we're so glad we did. Not only did we find a special deal that made it about $65 per person (down from $89 a person) but the personalized attention and fun loving staff were some of the highlights of our experiences. Along with views like this:
We chose to do Course B which included 24 platforms and 16 zip lines and one 40 meter abseil. (I wasn't so excited about this part as you can tell. Something about falling straight down just doesn't get me excited. They didn't exactly hold back on the speed either.)
One of the longest zip lines we were actually attached to the line from the back, making it more of a 'superman' feel. This was probably the scariest one for because unlike the regular zip lines where you sat down and could feel the tension on the line right away, this took a few seconds after you jumped off the platform for it to catch. Making it feel like a free fall over the large gorge below. 
We had such a blast zip lining and would definitely do it again in a heartbeat! Have you ever gone zip lining? A no or go?

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