Sunday, February 10, 2013

Hair on the Go

With traveling there comes certain...difficulties. All of which are well worth the pain and inconvenience of course. One of my struggles in traveling is my hair. Left to air dry, it's limp and flat. In humidity, it gets one awkward wave and the rest is frizzy. I'm always envious of girls that can shower and go and be left with full, wavy hair (how do you do it?!). And with this trip to Thailand, I'm not sure what amenities we will be provided. Meaning, there may not always be a blowdryer and my straightener and curling iron won't work with their currency. Even in Korea I have to use a bulky transformer for my American products to work.

So in order to combat this inconvenience I've looked up some fast and easy hair do's that will work with my lack of hair tools and will also keep my hair out of the way in the hot and humid weather. Below are some of my favorites that I've tried and have stayed looking good all day (just what we traveling girls need for all those photo ops).

1. Messy Side Ponytail-another alteration to this is doing a french twist down the side. Grab two pieces of hair from one side of your part and twist, after every twist add another chunk of hair. Think of a french braid but with only two sections of hair, not three. I like to do this on both sides then have it meet to make a side ponytail.
traveling hairstyles
 2.Chestnut Bun
 3. Messy French Bun-I like to do this one with wet hair and sleep in it so when I take it down in the morning there's a slight wave to it.
4. Half-up Twist

5. Scarf Headband-this is the only one I haven't tried but I'm hoping to find a cute scarf in one of the markets so I can try it out!
6. Barrel Roll
We're also going to just take carry ons for our two week travels which means no mousse, no hairspray, and no Aquage (my newest hair product love. Any one else try it? Volume galore people!). I will, however, be equipped with a spray bottle and some sea salt. Have you ever tried it? It's amazing for drawing out texture from straight hair. I like to make two side twists in my hair after I take a shower at night, spray it in and sleep on it. 

Sea Salt Spray for Hair
.mix 2 teaspoons of sea salt for every 1 cup warm water (the warm water will help the salt dissolve more quickly) and put in a spray bottle
.I also like to mix in one squirt of Moroccan Oil to keep my hair from drying out from the salt. 

There you go! I'll let you know which ones worked and which ones...not so much, when we get back from the trip!
I also really like this site and this site for unique, easy hairdos. What's your go-to hair do when you're on the go? Have you tried any of the ones above?