Thursday, February 7, 2013

Guest Post-Katie Did What

Well my friends, today I have another treat for you. Meet Katie from Katie Did What. Her blog is the one I turn to when I need a good laugh or an idea for an outfit (this girl is good! Now if only I could take a walk through her closet). Today, she's here to talk about some of her favorite travel memories and if this doesn't make you want to go book a ticket, I'm not sure what will. Be sure to stop by her blog and show her some love! 

Hi there!  I’m Katie and I blog at Katie Did WhatIt’s pretty much my little compilation of pictures and words about things that I like and my life in general.  When Chelsea asked me to write a guest post about traveling, I was like, um, yes, duh.  I suffer from a little thing called wanderlust.  Ask me my favorite things in life, and traveling is always wayyyy up there on the list.  So while she’s gallivanting about, I thought it’d be fun to talk about my favorite places I’ve ever traveled to.  Because I’m such an expert, and all. (I’m not.)

Paris.  Now this one takes the cake, every single time for me.  I actually have been to Paris twice, the first time on a whirlwind European vacation in high school, complete with my French teacher, a bunch of rowdy teenagers and my mom, and it was amazeballs.  The second time I was actually living there, while studying abroad my Junior year of college. Best. Decision. Ever. Paris will always have my heart, and I often dream of going back. Like, regularly.  Now that I’m married I cannot wait to go with my hubby, because I mean, come on. How romantic is that?!

Barcelona. While living in Paris, my roomies and I took a little side trip to Spain and OMG you guys. Barcelona is one of the prettiest places ever. And the night life was amazing. Seriously so much fun. Plus, the best Sangria and tapas ever. Really, the Sangria is delicious (too delicious perhaps).  I’d go back in a heartbeat.

Rome. This city is just too incredible for words. So much history and culture, and so many “designer” purses at dirt cheap prices. You just have to catch the street vendors before they pack up and scatter when the cops show up. You think I’m kidding, but really. The black market is a big thing, and it’s where I got my “Prada” and “Louis Vuitton” for 20 euro each. ;) While in Rome, you must sit on the Spanish Steps and pretend to be Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday, and also the Vatican is a must-visit. Go ahead and sneak some shots of the Sistine Chapel while you’re at it. Just be quick about it.

Santa Barbara, California. Now, I live in California, so I’m kind of biased when I say that it’s the best, but really. Santa Barbara is just absolutely gorgeous. Plus, it’s where we Zack and I went on our honeymoon, so I guess it holds a special place in my heart, too. Beach life, delicious seafood, walking along the piers, perfect weather. This is the place.

Oh dear, now I’ve got the traveler’s itch again. It’s in my blood, I think. It’s a part of me. Where to next?