Friday, October 19, 2012


Dear island, after discovering two amazing beaches and a makeshift tree swing, kayaking just got a whole lot better. Hopefully we'll be able to go a few more times before the water screams 'hypothermia'. Dear Halloween, this is the first time in three years and the first time as a married couple that we will be celebrating you. I can't wait for another night of karaoke and this time, costumes. Dear Beth Moore, I'm in the middle of my first devotion by you (James, Mercy Triumphs) and I have got to say, you have a talent for speaking directly to my heart. I'm so excited for all that I have been learning. Dear student, you followed me to the bathroom, gave me a thumbs up and told me 'good job!' So glad to know I have your support. Dear hubs, this weekend we get to celebrate two whole years of marriage. I can't believe how fast it's gone and how many more adventures we have ahead of us. I can't wait.Photobucket