Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Does anybody like those day/night shades?

I was up and out pretty early this morning to make my way out to Pea Island to open the VC.  It had rained during the night, and as it turned out it was pretty rainy all day.  That made for about half the visitors as normal, but several of them were interested in spending a nice amount of money in the nature store.  That sure made things worthwhile.  It also gave me more time to have a little bit more in depth conversations with the folks that had questions.

After nine and a half hours, I returned to the rig to let Emma out.  That little stinker hadn’t done her ‘business’ this morning before I left, but as usual, she had been a good girl with no accidents. 


After spending some time outside with her, I came back in to notice that there had been a slight disaster while I was gone today.  The day/night shade above my kitchen table booth had crashed.  I thought the problem was just that it had come loose from the top right side.  I’d been charging up the batteries for my portable drill, so I got it out and after a slight struggle reattached the top of the shade under the valence.  I was pretty proud of myself for getting it back up without any help, until I went to push the day/night shade back up into place.  It just crashed down again.  I had secured it well enough that the top didn’t come loose, but the shade wouldn’t stay up.

Dang it!  I think these day/night shades are a pain in the neck.  I couldn’t find where one of the strings had broken, but apparently one did.  The dang thing just wouldn’t stay up.  So I decided to take the whole kit and caboodle down.  Well, I had reattached it so well that I couldn’t get it loose.  Grrr.

I went next door to see if I could borrow George for a couple of minutes, and sure enough he had the whole shade down in no time at all.  I’ve had enough trouble with these kind of shades over the years, that I will just be replacing it with an MCD shade next spring.  Maybe somebody likes these kind of shades, but I sure don’t.

On the positive side today, George and Peggy let me know that they will be picking up 50 more pounds of fresh shrimp again this Friday.  I’ve put in an order for ten pounds for myself, and will be shopping around for one of those machines that sucks the air out of a bag for freezing it so you don’t get freezer burn so fast.  I used to have a freeze-a-meal machine when I had a big garden back in the day, but it didn’t suck the air out.  I’m not sure what those things are called now, but I’m going to quickly investigate that before Friday.  I’m sure I could also use such a thing to freeze up individual meal portions if I make something like a meatloaf.  I’m hoping that possibility will rekindle my joy in cooking exciting meals.  I’ve gotten pretty complacent with meals only cooking for one on the road.

Thanks for stopping by… talk to you later,  Judy