Friday, October 12, 2012

A shopping day and some of my wild friends say adios!

I think I mentioned before that one of the perks of being a volunteer at these two refuges is that you get one day while you are here to buy what ever you want from the nature store with a 40% discount.  Since there are two visitors centers, if you work both of them, you get one shopping day at each place.  In August I used my day at the Gateway VC to get lots of Suzanne Tate books for my grandgirls. 

69  Pea Island & Alligator River NWRs  201223

Today was my turn to indulge in buying a few things for myself at the Pea Island VC.  With a 40% discount, I splurged on that Smithsonian book on National Wildlife Refuges.  I seldom buy big hard cover books any more because of the weight and storage issues, but this one is a real beauty, and I can’t wait to read the narrative and drool over the wonderful images.  Of course, I had to throw in a few tee shirts, a puzzle, and pins.  I’m a sucker for tie dyed shirts.  In love

On my way back home, I stopped at the Alligator River maintenance area to trade my little car for a refuge vehicle to drive to work tomorrow morning out at the Pea Island VC.  That will save me about a half hours time in the morning, and I won’t have the hassle of dealing with the locked gates on the weekend.

IMG_0363 IMG_0366

I drove Sawyer Lake road home, and came upon a turkey vulture resting in a big old dead tree.  They normally fly right off upon approach, but this one didn’t.


                                                                     “Goodbye, Judy Bell!” 

I choose to think it wanted to bid me farewell.  I said, “Thanks for posing”, and continued down the road.


Remember when I took this picture on the first of August of this mama bear and her three little ones?  I was thinking lately that I wouldn’t see them again before I left, but of course I was wrong.


Here they were this afternoon in just about the same place I found them a couple of months ago.  Only this time, I was heading west in the afternoon and straight into the sun.  I was happy to get the detail I did shooting right into the sun.


As usual, mom decided to take her brood and head for cover.  Those little ones sure have grown a lot in the past ten weeks.  They’ll stay with her for about 18 months all together before she gives them the boot. 


She paused briefly to look my way before heading into the brush.  “Adios amigo!”  Thanks for giving me one last look at your family.

Tomorrow’s my last day of work, and I’m hoping to meet some other bloggers that are in the area.  I’ll let you know if that works out. 


                                                                              THE END!!

Thanks for stopping by… talk to you later,  Judy