Friday, October 12, 2012


Dear hair, there's someone on the island who was trained at Tony & Guy...there may just be hope for you and a decent haircut in Korea after all. Dear hubs, another camping trip this weekend? You have a deal. Dear chicken legs, way to go, I definitely underestimated you. I ran my first 5k and you got me through it! (I'll have more on the race later)

Dear team sparkle, I owe it all to you girls! I would have walked the whole way if I didn’t have your girls to keep pushing me. Dear Noribong (Korean karaoke), I can’t believe we’ve gone a year and a half and have never tried you until recently. Oh, and I love that you’re set up in individual rooms so you only humiliate yourself in front of your friends instead of a whole bar of strangers. I’ll be honest when I say we’re now hooked.Dear ajumma pants, you are now officially the greatest invention in Korea. I know old women who have perms and wear no less than five patterns at any given time mostly wear you, but I now understand why. Comfort wins.



Hope you all have a great weekend! Ours is filled with Mexican Night dinners, hiking and pizza parties. Next week I'll have posts on our road trip up!