Friday, June 22, 2012


dear geoje, thank you for your amazing bamboo forest park that is just a short car ride away. oh and the zip line through the trees that hubs thoroughly enjoyed (i'll post more on it later).  dear pinterest, you're amazing with all of your creative inspiration. after one and a half years here, i'm going to finally try to decorate. dear korea, is it so much to ask for a craft store with more than colored paper, balloons and pom poms? when i'm trying to decorate on a budget, anything within the realm of michael's would be useful. dear students, thank you for actually semi behaving yourself this week. makes my life a whole lot easier, especially when it's one of those weeks when i'm falling asleep standing up. dear kikinitinkorea, you have the ability to turn any bad day around. seriously, go check it out. i'm no sure how well this blog will translate to those who haven't lived in korea, but it's pretty right on. a few of my favorites here here and here. dear co-teacher, when i tell you that my sister is having a baby and you jump up, grab me and ask "you're having a baby?!" it makes me feel a) that you don't listen to me and b) that you want me to have a baby a little too much. dear hubs, i'm diggin all the random love notes and random acts of kindness this week. asking if i want you to pick me up chocolate because i'm having a bad day? priceless. not sure what i did to deserve it but i'm not going to question it.