Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Emma’s home

I couldn’t pick Emma up yesterday from her stay in the kennel for two reasons.  First, I didn’t get home until after the pick up time, and secondly I wanted her to have a bath, nail clip, and gland expression (what ever the heck that means).  The groomer has Tuesdays off, so I opted for a Wednesday pick up. 

She was happy to see me for about 30 seconds until she noticed others in the room.  That’s the way she is.  She’d readily go live with someone else, anyone else.  A Lab she’s not.  I suppose we fit well together since we’re both of a sort of independent nature.  It’s just that my nature has slowed down a bit, and she’s still gung ho no matter what.  Oh well, we headed back to the rig and she collapsed in the bedroom to sleep the afternoon away.  She always comes back exhausted from her stays at the ‘spa’.  She sure smells good, and her hair feels fluffy.  It’s kind of ironic that her stay in the kennel was more expensive than what my trip cost me including gas money and the expensive motel.  I think there’s something wrong with that picture.


Parent Eastern Kingbirds were busy this evening feeding this year’s crop of young in the campground.  The red lining in the young bird’s mouth elicits a feeding response from the adult. (not a very good photo, but it’s a good demonstration of an adaptation)

As I expected, my sister Pam was not interested in just sitting around a campground for a week at Buckhorn COE park.  Stanley also wasn’t too thrilled with my description of the drive on the route they would be taking.  So today we went to plan B.  While I was wandering around on my way home yesterday I picked up quite a bit of info on eastern Kentucky.  I cancelled my reservation at Buckhorn, and made a new reservation at Jenny Wiley State Resort Park in Kentucky for a week.  There’s lots to see in the area, and since it’s a resort park, there’s even a matinee Broadway musical performance during the week we’ll be staying there.  In all of my travels, I’ve never seen a musical theater production at a state park before.  An additional perk was that Kentucky gives a 10% reduction in campground rates for seniors whether or not you are a state resident.  I appreciate that.  That means I’ll have a pull-through site with 50 amps and water for $19/night.  Cool beans!


Like much of the rest of the country, we’re experiencing a heat wave in Tennessee.  The temp at 8:00 tonight was 86*, so I donned my swimsuit as I’ve been accustomed to doing here and headed for the pool.  When I got there, it was locked up.  What’s up with that?  I’ll check that out tomorrow as the temps for the next four days or so are supposed to be 100+! 

Thanks for stopping by… talk to you later,  Judy