Friday, June 15, 2012


dear hubs, i'm so glad that you're able to do what you love on the weekends and go paragliding. i can't wait till you're certified and you can take me with you. thank you for having an adventurous spirit. dear dryer, sometimes i forget how convenient you are. especially since our last two apartments didn't have you. thank you for encouraging my laziness of ironing. dear boss, please stop giving me the cold shoulder, it's making work a little more than awkward lately. dear hubs students, i'm so glad that i got to meet you last night as you took him out to celebrate the last class. thank you for free chinese food and for being sweet enough to remember my birthday and surprise me with a cake. i'm so glad that he was blessed with great students. dear hubs, surprising me by taking a day off to make me breakfast and lay in bed and watch chick flicks is an excellent way to start my birthday.

oh and in case you haven't noticed by comments above, it's my birthday today. i typically don't look forward to this day but thank goodness i have an amazing hubs who always makes me feel special. can't wait to start the weekend in celebration with amazing friends, great AMERICAN food and live music. happy weekend!