Friday, June 29, 2012


dear korea, i love how all of the rice paddies are no longer muddy patches but instead, layers of green. it's a beautiful reminder of where i live. dear hubs, the other night you asked me to list all of the countries that i want to travel to. you finally made me stop and list my top five. you laughed when i had difficulty narrowing it down. but when i asked the same of you, you had equal difficulty. i love that one of our largest things in common is the love and desire to see the world. dear weather man, (because you're the one that makes the weather right?) please make sunshine on saturday so we can go cliff jumping. i'm all for relaxing at home with a movie while there's a typhoon outside, but not two weekends in a row ok? dear koreans, thank you for finding your slightly used sofa unfit for your apartment and politely setting it outside. it looks great in our living room.Photobucket