Monday, June 25, 2012

bamboo forest

We heard that a new bamboo forest park just opened up on our island so we jumped in the car with our friends Mike and Alissa and went to go check it out. You can see bamboo trees mostly everywhere you go here but it is in sparse bunches that you would have to hike to in order to go through a few feet of them. So we were pleasantly surprised when we found the bamboo forest to be a thick forest of them throughout the entire trail. I don't know what it is about bamboo, but it's like a 'knock in the head' to remind you where you live but at the same time a peaceful and relaxing feeling when you're walking through a large group of them.

they also included a ropes course through the trees that the boys got to enjoy. i wore sandals that day but brought my keens along in the car. of course i looked down and thought "oh my sandals will do just fine on the trail" and completely forgot about the course. ah well, just an excuse to go back again.instead i hung out with this cutie and waited for our hubs to finish.