Friday, May 18, 2012

friday's letters/4

{this is one of my favorite kindi students...chocolate. whenever i asked him what was on his shirt he would get really excited and yell "it's SUNNY!" oh and timmy is behind him trying in any way possible to get in the photo}

dear boss,
thank you for surprising me by switching my schedule. a four hour workday on friday kind of rocks.

dear doctor,
i know that you were trying to talk about tissue survival rate or something (i kind of zoned out) but i couldn't help but laugh when you mistakenly said "your survival rate is 30-50%".

dear middle school students,
i know you don't think i'm funny but thank you for laughing at my cheesy jokes anyway. takes the stress of being a teacher away.

dear mogis,
i know i taste good to you but can you please leave me alone and possibly bug the hubs for awhile? i'm starting to get stares in class from scratching so much.

dear kindi student parents,
please stop changing your kid's names. a)it's already hard enough to memorize the names of the 200+ students that i have and b)when you change their names to genius, strawberry and storious, it's hard for me to keep a straight face during class.