Monday, May 21, 2012

Got my feet wet today

Never did get out on the water yesterday.  It was a warm sunny day, and the checkout time for the campgrounds on the lake is 3:00 in the afternoon.  That means all kinds of boats with big motors were buzzing around.  I decided I’d wait for today after the weekend warriors had gone home.  I think it was a good decision.  I needed to do laundry anyway, and I always enjoy the quiet that descends on a late Sunday afternoon.  It also meant that last night and today no people were trooping through my site (a pet peeve of mine), and I wasn’t required to listen to other people’s choices of loud music selections.  I did, however, pump up the kayak last night so it would be all set to go this morning.
With such a nice little beach in back of my site, I put on my water shoes and walked the kayak out into the water around 10:00, and hopped in.  That splash of yellow is my life jacket and you can be sure I always wear it. 
The water was nice and calm, and as you can see, not many other boats out there creating big wakes.  My former kayak and this one are both Sea Eagle 330s.  It’s the cheapest model so it doesn’t really track as smoothly as I would like.  With only one person in it, any wind plays havoc with you.  Oh well, I’m pretty much a fair weather paddler anyway. 
If the truth be known, I really prefer paddling a canoe.  It’s hard to feather your stroke with these plastic kayak paddles, but I can’t be hefting around a canoe.  I’ll just be taking pleasant little paddles and enjoying the scenery (like this blue heron perched at the top of the tree) as I slowly zig-zag my way along quiet waters.
                                            I did find a green heron working the shoreline.
         As I tried to sneak up for a closer shot, it kept moving along ahead of me.  Camera shy, I guess.
I didn’t go too far or stay out too long this morning as the sun was blazing away.  I didn’t want to end up burnt to a crisp.  I decided I’d better drive down the road about ten miles and do some grocery shopping.
On the way out of the campground, this handsome fellow made his way across the road.  Too bad there weren’t any hens around or maybe I could have gotten a shot with him all fanned out and showing off.  Aren’t those some big spurs on the backs of his legs? 

Next to the Piggly Wiggly was a Great Clips hair salon.  As many of you ladies know, getting a good cut on the road can be a challenge.  I usually end up at Walmart where it is like Russian Roulette.  I’ve never been to a Great Clips before.  Turns out it was a good cut, and only $9 for seniors.  The lady even gave me a coupon for $2 off the next time I visit a Great Clips.  I’m glad I gave it a try.  Only problem is that I'm all itchy as usual after a haircut.  :)

By the time I got back to the rig, storm clouds had moved in and the rain started to come down.  It was a nice rain for a couple of hours.  Tomorrow I’m off on another little adventure, and a chance to meet up with some other bloggers.  The rain and clouds should be gone by then.
                                                                               THE END!!

Thanks for stopping by… talk to you later,  Judy