Friday, May 4, 2012

friday's letters

dear esl student,
when i ask you to turn to page 10, i'm not asking you to repeat after me. same goes for "don't do that."

dear mister,
i love your initiation of date nights...and that you've become ok with my love of skip-bo

dear egg lady,
every week i come to by my eggs from you in the market and every week you greet me with a smile so big it takes up your entire face. i have no idea what you're saying when you try to talk to me but i always love stopping by.

in other news...we're heading to seoul this weekend with friends and couldn't be more excited! seoul is just a short 4 hour bus ride away. i love being able to have a city get away on the weekends and play tourist along with doing some seriously needed shopping. our washer here has a mission to stretch and destroy my clothes and i am sorry to say that it is winning.