Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Nothing like a personal tour :)

Right at 9:00 this morning, Judie and Dick Seeders (blog readers that live in Montgomery) showed up at my site to give me a personal driving tour of the area.  I can’t believe that I didn’t get a picture of them, but since I wasn’t able to publish last night’s post after whittling it down to only two pictures, I guess I wouldn’t be able to show you their picture anyway.  I don’t know why that post won’t publish since the signal was strong enough to post the night before.  Who knows what’s up with that?  I’m not even going to try to include any pictures tonight to see what happens.

We started off with a drive to Selma, Alabama, to where the Voter’s Right’s March began in March of 1965.  We followed the path of the marchers all the way to Montgomery.  What a time in history that was!  After a brief stop at their house, we made our way to downtown Montgomery to drive past the Capitol Building, the Dexter Street Church, the First Capitol of the Confederacy Building, the Rosa Park’s Museum, and stopped at the Alabama Department of Archives and History.

When I have a more reliable internet signal, I hope to post more detail about this magnificent venue.  It was certainly the highlight of the day for me.  I’m thinking of possibly extending my time here so I can return to the Capitol area and spend more time visiting everything there is to take in.  It is such an historic area.

After lunch (thanks Dick) at a hotdog hotspot in downtown Montgomery, we made a quick stop in a cemetery to see the grave of Hank Williams Sr.  Many of Judie’s relatives are also buried in this cemetery, and they wanted to check on the planting of two trees that they had recently made at the gravesites.  I’m familiar with many of Hank Williams’ songs, but didn’t realize that he died at the young age of 30.  He has a peaceful resting place.

I’m thinking of a little adventure for Thursday, that could either be a bust or a great experience with a little piece of Americana.  I sure wish my good friend and fellow volunteer Diana was in the area, as I know she’d be up for this little excursion.  We’ll see what happens.  Now I’m going to try posting this with no pictures.  Wish me luck…

Thanks for stopping by… talk to you later,  Judy