Friday, April 6, 2012

The competition arrived today

While working the VC today, I got to thinking that April is surely one of my favorite months.  It seems to be the time of new beginnings.

_MG_7432 _MG_7427

The wildflowers start blooming, the temperature begins to rise, and those spring storms give a fresh crispness to early mornings.  We’ve had 4.5” of rain here on the refuge this week, but today dawned cloudless, cooler, and the humidity was in the comfortable level.


Gone were the billowing clouds of yesterday evening on the savannah.  Instead, the light northerly winds brought the promise of a possible fallout of spring bird migrants. 

_MG_7449 _MG_7445

While this Gulf Coast Toad doesn’t have any feathers, I was pleased to have it brighten up my day this morning.  It had plunked itself down just outside the back doors of the VC.  On a day like today, any creature I can observe makes it easier to spend the working time inside.  You know I’d much rather be out and about.  I didn’t pick it up since I didn’t want to get any warts, don’t-cha know.  Winking smile  Never thought about it before, but now I know that toads only have three toes.

One of the things I enjoy most about this refuge is being able to see and photograph carnivorous plants.  The pitcher plants are especially interesting to me.  But today their competition arrived to grasp my interest and affection.


As Emma and I took up our usual late afternoon vigil outside, the first hummingbird of the season arrived at my feeder.


I’m sure this little girl was as happy finding the feeder as I was being able to see her.  I truly admire these little dynamos! 


Can you imagine something this small making an 18+ hour nonstop flight over the Gulf of Mexico from their wintering grounds in Central America?  I think it is truly astounding. 


So, this year’s journey to get the quintessential hummingbird photo begins.  I’ve been on this quest for several years now.  Yep, April is definitely a time of new beginnings…

Thanks for stopping by… talk to you later,  Judy