Monday, April 2, 2012

Beer batter, barking, and a book

I guess that’s three B’s, but I’m not participating in that A – Z blogging challenge.  It just turned out that way today.  Went to get out my one can of beer that the Good Luck Ducks gave me in December.  It was a few minutes before I remembered that I used it up a couple of weeks ago boiling some shrimp in it for an egg and shrimp salad.  So, I improvised.  I made beer batter for my shrimp today using part of a small can of Squirt instead.  I guess the bubbles were good enough as the shrimp turned out so good that I ate both servings.  You just can’t beat Gulf shrimp for taste.

Yesterday afternoon, Emma started really carrying on outside.  It wasn’t her normal ‘Get out of here, squirrel!’ bark. 


She just kept up a steady frenzied barking, so I had to go out to see what was up.  Turned out to be a 4-5’ long snake right next to my outside carpet.


Later I remembered hearing this particular bark from her about two years ago when a rattlesnake entered our front yard at Balcones Canyonlands NWR.  I just need to be a little quicker in deciphering what she’s trying to tell me.


I immediately brought Emma inside, and grabbed my camera, of course.  After getting a few shots, I hurried across the way to let John and Diana know about the snake.  The snake was also quite happy that I put Emma inside, and immediately began to slither away.  John was able to get the above shot of it for me.


All three of us were transfixed as we watched it climb into the highest branches of this young oak tree.  Afterwards, Diana looked on the internet, and believes this is a rat snake.  What a cool nature moment.  However, I’ll pay more attention to overhanging branches in the future.  Who me?


                                                      My heroine, and ever vigilant companion!


Last week I finished reading this book.  It is written by Linda Myers (Thoughts from a bag lady in waiting), a fellow blogger that I follow.  It is the true story of her husband Art’s journey through life after one fateful day of combat in Viet Nam.  The first chapter really grabbed my interest.  Viet Nam was such an important part of my generation’s time.  So many things were happening in the 60’s.  I had two brothers that served, and have always been drawn to accounts of men and women that were over there.  I could have read this book straight through.  It certainly was a journey of healing.

With Linda’s permission, I’m offering to pass this book on to someone who would like to read it.  Just let me know.  Linda and Arthur are using all royalties from the sale of this book to provide copies to Veteran’s Centers throughout the Pacific Northwest.  Art says, “I hope that talking about this journey of healing – and how it has changed me – will help other veterans and their families.  The idea of helping even one other veteran stop the nightmares and gain some peace made my story worth sharing.”

Thanks for stopping by… talk to you later,  Judy