Saturday, April 7, 2012

Ordinary or not? Depends on your attitude.

Sometimes my days off are pretty ordinary.  There’s always stuff like laundry, grocery shopping, and dumping the tanks to do.  Pretty ordinary, but I like to think if you take the right attitude you can find things in an ordinary day to consider it more than that. 


As I took Emma on one of her walks today we encountered a turtle slowly and steadily making its way across the VC lawn.  Perhaps this was a female looking to find the perfect spot to lay its eggs?  I could have picked it up to determine its sex, but it seemed to be on a mission, so we thought better of doing that.


Emma did have to give it a sniff, though.  And as she did it pulled its head in.  Truth be told, I think Emma is really pretty much a woos.  You should have seen her.  I think when that turtle pulled its head in Emma jumped back two feet in the air!  I swear she has springs on her feet.  Since it wasn’t a squirrel, it didn’t hold any more interest for her.

After that, I went to do a little grocery shopping at the Ocean Springs’ Farmers Market.  Picked up a big round artisan garlic/olive oil flat bread.  Its aroma just spoke to me, but what does one person do with such a large flat bread?  I decided I’d make some gulf shrimp dip from one of those recipe cards I picked up last week, and serve it along with some of the cut up bread.  I knew I couldn’t eat it all myself, so I invited John and Diana for a happy hour to consume both.


Diana suggested that the three of us have a game of Scrabble while we tasted the dip and bread.  It has been years since I’ve played  Scrabble, but I was game.


The dip and bread got a thumbs up, and we spent an enjoyable evening outdoors being serenaded by all of the birds.  The weather has just been outstanding the last two days.  I figured if I plied my opponents with good eats, I’d have an edge.  Winking smile  It worked!


While Emma and I sat outside this afternoon, the usual birds were visiting the feeder.  I always have my camera handy, and thought I might get a shot of this brown thrasher coming in for one of the peanut halves again.  What a surprise to find out that it had what I think is a damsel fly in its beak!  Then the next moment, all of the noisy birds blasted away as a Cooper’s hawk flashed though the woods and streaked over my head.  You could have heard a pin drop after that.  Ordinary day?  I’m thinking…NOT!

Thanks for stopping by… talk to you later,  Judy