Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A relaxing day off

I decided to give grits another chance this morning.  I took the advice of a commenter and cooked them in the microwave for exactly one minute and twenty seconds.  In the meantime I looked up how to cook a poached egg properly in my one recipe book that I brought along.  Just guessing how to do it last time was pretty darn close to what the directions said.  When the grits were done, I added a dollop of butter, some salt and pepper, and put the egg on top.  Turned out that I was about as thrilled as I was the last time, but I did discover something new.  I couldn’t finish the bowl so I gave the left overs to Emma.  Turns out she is a true southern dog, and just loved them.  She about wore out her bowl licking up every last morsel and then some.  Go figure.

_MG_7407The other day I tried finding some beach toys at Walmart, but they didn’t have any.  I needed some buckets, shovels, and a sifter for when the three little grandkids visit in a week and a half.  Today I hit the bonanza at a dollar store.  There were hundreds of Easter buckets with shovels attached for only a buck. 

_MG_7389 _MG_7388

Now if I can just find an inflatable mattress, I’ll be all set for their visit.  I got permission for them all to stay in the bunkhouse on the refuge as long as they’ll ‘work’ as volunteers while they are here.  I’m thinking two young boys can do a bang up job at finding litter along the trail as we walk it.  Winking smile  Morey, the refuge Project Manager, also suggested we take a canoe trip on the bayou and pick up any litter we find.  Can do!!

_MG_7396 _MG_7404

While reading blogs this morning, I came across an interesting question posed by Karen, of Fab Grandma fame.  Her post asked how many states her readers had camped in.  I had to think about that for a while, and finally got out my North America map to figure out the answer.  Turns out I’ve camped in 41 states and 9 Canadian provinces.  That little exercise brought back some great memories.  Some of those were before I went fulltime, however.  I think I’ll be camping in a couple of more new states for me during the remainder of this year.  What about yourselves?  How many states and provinces have you camped in?  If you count them, I’m pretty sure it’ll bring back some wonderful memories for you as well.


The dew berries are beginning to ripen, and I just now heard my first Chuck-Wills-Widow of the season outside my window.  Several white-eyed vireos have also arrived in town in the last week or so.  Surely spring migration is on its way!  Yahoo!

Thanks for stopping by… talk to you later,  Judy