Thursday, April 19, 2012

♫ ♪ Back in the Saddle Again ♪ ♫

There sure hasn’t been much going on for the last week other than me recuperating and trying to get back to normal.  The powerful antibiotics that I have been on have a week to go, and they’ve helped kick the stuffing out of me.  Of course, they’ve also kicked the stuffing out of the pain too.


                                                                          DWARF SUNDEW

Yesterday I worked in the Visitors Center, and I was pretty done for by the end of the day.  Brought my camera along as usual, but didn’t take a single picture.

_MG_7653It was back into work this morning, but I was feeling a mite better.  Most of the petals on the pale pitcher plant blooms have dropped off, but the pitchers are doing their thing to get nutrients.  Kind of reminds me of an animated pipe organ. 


                                   After work, I found Mrs. Bluebird perched on our clothesline post.

_MG_7661 _MG_7660

Hubby was close by guarding their humble abode.  I do believe their eggs might have hatched today.  They certainly have been busy making trips back and forth to the bird house.

I seem to recall that Gene Autry sang “Back in the Saddle Again…”  At least that’s whose voice I hear in my head.  It’s a short post tonight, but I’m working on getting my foot back in the stirrup.


                       I leave you with tonight’s mystery warbler singing his heart out to the universe!

Thanks for stopping by… talk to you later,  Judy