Saturday, February 4, 2012

I opted out of the parade today

The annual first Mardi Gras Parade in the area kicked off in Ocean Springs today. 


I participated last year by riding and tossing necklaces from the refuge’s float last year. (All of tonight’s photos are from then)

57 MS Sandhill Crane NWR

I had a very enjoyable time doing that last year, but I chose not to do it this year.

57 MS Sandhill Crane NWR1

It was one of those experiences that I was glad that I had, but this year I volunteered to stay back and run the visitor’s center instead.  I’ve been in a lot of parades in my life, but this one was like no other.  Mardi Gras folks are a different species, I’m thinking.

57 MS Sandhill Crane NWR2

Besides, there were quite a few volunteers and interns on the refuge that have never had this experience.  I wished them well, and quietly manned the VC and talked to our visitors.  Luckily, the forecasted rain held off, and today’s parade was as exciting as last year’s. 

I’ve decided to not move, and just stay in the site I’m in here in the volunteer village.  I’ll leave that nice site I had last year for Diana and John to move into next weekend.  It’s been warm enough here for little plants to begin blooming, so I’ll  be starting my photo documentation of the blooming trails pretty soon.  That will get me out of the VC.  Yahoo!

Thanks for stopping by… talk to you later,  Judy