Sunday, February 19, 2012

“Gramma Bell, I want to see the sea and build a sandcastle!”

That’s a pretty big order for a Gramma to produce, so I guess it’s a good thing I’m staying near the Mississippi Gulf Coast.  I picked up Robyn and Avery at the Gulfport/Biloxi airport last night in the middle of a torrential downpour.  We made it back to the rig in the rain, had something to eat, and then Avery about passed out from exhaustion.  It had been a big, long day for a four year old.  Two different plane rides, and then a drive in the dark to Gramma’s house.


Both Avery and Emma are early risers, so we were off before 8:00 this morning to hike the rather soggy Dee’s Trail.  One of us was lucky enough not to get our shoes wet after the 2.5” of rain yesterday.


After going out to lunch with the rest of the volunteers for a shrimp po’boy (which was Robyn’s request), we headed for the Biloxi beaches so I could grant Avery her wish. 

photo (2)

                                                  I got to show her the sea, and her mother…


                                                        got to help her build a sandcastle. 


Avery is one of those children that really gets into her ‘work’.  She doesn’t care how down and dirty she gets.  My kind of girl!


When she was only 15 months old, her mother referred to her as a Relocation Specialist.  She would move dirt, rocks, sticks, etc., from one place to another without abandon.  She hasn’t given up that hobby.  There was a stiff chilly wind blowing, but Avery felt compelled to do her best to relocate as much sand as possible.  Smile

We postponed our hotdog cookout until tomorrow hoping for less wind and warmer temperatures.  What a joy it was this evening to listen to the two of them taking a shower together in the RV.  And what a shock it was for them to step out of the shower into the chilly air whisking past them up and out the ceiling fan that is turned on during showers to help remove the moisture in the rig from the hot showers.  Ha, ha!

‘Emma the Gog’ is doing a pretty good job of behaving herself, and little Avery is doing a pretty good job of trying to tease her.  It’s about par for two four year olds…


                                                                               THE END!

Thanks for stopping by… talk to you later,  Judy