Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Battleship Park, Mobile, AL

After my raw oyster eating experience for lunch yesterday, NICKIE, Jim, and I drove over to Battleship Park to tour the Battleship USS Alabama and the Submarine USS Drum.


The amount of time we had available for this park was not enough to visit everything since I had to make it back to the refuge before dark.  I try to avoid driving after sunset these days.

66 MS Sandhill Crane NWR 201221

The tours are self guided, and oh my gosh, there are a lot of stairs and steps involved with the battleship.  I believe there are 18 stories involved in going up and down to all the levels of the battleship. 

66 MS Sandhill Crane NWR 201222

The amount of guns of all sizes made a real impression on me.  The USS Alabama served in WWII, and while I was climbing up and down this ship the music from the Victory at Sea TV program was playing in my head.  It was amazing to me how the ship operated, and what these men went through during the war.  It really gave me a new perspective to viewing war movies that I have seen in the past. 

66 MS Sandhill Crane NWR 201223

Then there was the USS Drum, a submarine also serving in WWII.  What a stressful life that must have been.  The compact accommodations reminded me of my motorhome in a way, but at least I can move from room to room standing up straight.  When out to sea, these sailors didn’t have showers or a change of clothes for something like 40-58 days!  And how would you like sleeping with a torpedo?  I’ve always had a great respect for our men and women in the military, but yesterday brought the sacrifices that they make everyday more fully to my attention.


                            There were also many planes and tanks on display to be viewed in the park.


I just didn’t have enough time to take everything in.  Battleship Park is certainly worth a full day visitation in my estimation.  As for the cost, parking is $2.00, and the admission to tour the battleship, submarine, planes, and tanks is $10.00 for those 55 and older.  Well worth it in my opinion.

On the local front today, we found 22 cranes on the tour this morning.  Remember when I posted recently about ‘The Shed’ barbeque place featured on “Diner’s, Drive-Ins, and Dives”?  Well, early last Sunday morning they had a fire, and much of it burned down.  I drove past it today on the crane tour, and it is a mess, but they are still up and running serving their Q from under a tent!

Thanks for stopping by… talk to you later,  Judy