Friday, September 7, 2012


Dear kayaking, you’re the perfect way to spend some of the last summer days. Too bad the big dock was damaged from the typhoon; otherwise we could go sailing as well…next time. Oh! and it’s one more thing to cross off my summer bucket list!

Summer Bucket List

.sea kayaking
.fly a kite
.cliff jumping on the south end of the island
.discover a new beach on the island
.get a tan 
mud fest
.beach camping
.bbq on our roof
.get pictures hung in the apartment
.get a six pack
.grow an herb garden
.sand castle festival.

Dear Hubs, I loved your initiative of weekly ‘family meetings’ and also implementing these questions to improve on our communication and strengthen our bond. Dear Vapiano’s, you’re the newest and might I say the best restaurant in our city now. Thank you for being a restaurant with not only amazing Italian food but also one of the few restaurants to utilize a rooftop.
Oh, and the free wine on Thursdays and awesome coupons don’t hurt either. Sorry Koreans, as you can see, it’s ‘only for foreigners’. Dear Homeplus, (our local grocery store), I love you for two reasons this week. One, you now have adult juice boxes. And two, you have calorie counters on your carts. Woo! I burned 29 calories grocery shopping! (ok, I know in the picture it only says 1.9, but I promise that I walked more!) That validates all of the ice cream I put in my cart right?
Happy Friday!Photobucket