Thursday, September 13, 2012

A trial and a tribulation

My plan for today was to take care of several errands that needed being done.  After dropping my Netflix disc off at the post office, I set off to tackle my tribulation of the day at Walgreens.  I needed the pain medication prescription for my hip refilled.  I had ordered the refill on line yesterday morning and it was to be ready this morning, but when I got the confirmation email that it was ready I noticed that there were only 30 pills in the refill.  The prescription reads, “take one to two tablets by mouth daily”, and the original prescription contained 60 tablets.  I tried one tablet a day, but that didn’t work so I’ve been taking two tablets each day to get some relief.

When I told the pharmacist that I needed 60 tablets for a one month supply, she told me they couldn’t do that.  It seems the prescription must say take 2 tablets daily or the insurance company won’t pay for it.  I also wouldn’t be allowed to refill the prescription until a month had passed.  Grr!  So now I have to make another trip to the doctor to have the prescription rewritten.  I’m going to call first to see if that will accomplish what I need.  When I first filled the prescription it was at a cost of $150, but today for 30 tablets it was only $10.  I’m not sure I understand that since I believe my deductible is more than $150.

Then it was on to Home Depot to get a new carbon monoxide detector.  The one that is located above my bed had decided to give up the ship so I needed a new one.  Of course, the round size that I have is no longer available.  So I went with a rectangular model and will have to figure out how to mount it on the ceiling.

Now as to my trial of the day, with my hip problems I have not been able to give Emma the proper amount of exercise.  I just can’t take her on walks that are long enough lately.  With my neighbors home last evening and their dog Precious outside, we decided to let Emma off of her tie out thinking so would stay around with her friend Precious.  Ha!  Within three seconds she shot under the electric fence and was barreling down the road not listening to any of our calls.  With bears and wolves in the vicinity, it was more of a concern to me than usual.  Using Precious as a lure, we were eventually able to persuade Emma to return close enough to snap the leash on her.

That’s when George offered to lend me his dog training shock collar.  Using this type of collar might be controversial, but in the interest of Emma’s ultimate safety and needed exercise I decided to give it a trial this afternoon.  We practiced for several hours walking around the impoundment with her off leash.  Things went well, and I only had to zap her once when she approached the fence with thoughts of escape.  I didn’t use full power, but it was effective.   We’ll work on it again tomorrow after I get back from work. 

Thanks for stopping by… talk to you later,  Judy