Thursday, November 24, 2011

When did you take your first shower?

Growing up in Chicago, we didn’t have a shower in our house.  We had a footed tub in the bathroom that was filled half way on Saturday night.  If I was lucky, I got to take my bath first before my younger brother.  The water was used for both baths, don’t you know.  I remember, especially in summer, scrubbing away at the grey ring around my ankles.  Now you can understand the importance in being first.  I don’t think I took my first shower until I went away to college.


                      (Tonight’s photos are of the little birds sharing our RV pads.   Eastern phoebe.)

So what brought this memory back to my mind, you might ask?  Well, I’m having an issue with water pressure in the rig.  The water out of the pipe has plenty of pressure.  If I use my water pump, I have plenty of pressure.  But if I use the water hook-up to the rig, the water fairly trickles out of the faucets.  There is enough pressure to wash dishes and brush my teeth, but take a shower?  Not hardly!

_MG_4190 _MG_4192

                                                     Loggerhead shrike.

A nice feature of many rigs is a spray nozzle next to the toilet to help clean the bowl.  I really like this nozzle.  Now, all it does is drip when I press down the lever. When I was in the throws of my worst back problems, I couldn’t stand long enough to take a shower anyway, so it wasn’t as great an issue.  I resorted to a sponge bath each night by waiting for the bathroom sink to fill.  Now that I’m more mobile, I really would like to take a shower.  That’s what reminded me of my once a week bath when I was growing up.  Thinking smile  I don’t have any grey rings around my ankles because of my nightly bowl of water bath, but my nice shower stands unused.

The other volunteers and I have tried everything we can think of to figure out this dilemma, but nothing has worked.  At this point, I have two options to get a real shower.  I can go up to the community building to take one there, or I can fill the fresh water tank and use the water pump.  I hesitate to do the second option because I’m not crazy about putting that water in the tank.  It is not drinkable because of all the minerals and iron in it, and I’m really not wanting to put that in my tank.  I’m thinking I’ll be calling Thibodeaux’s in Louisiana after the holiday weekend to see if they have any suggestions.


                                       Wish I could preen and clean up as easily as this mockingbird!

Thanks for stopping by… talk to you later,  Judy