Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A walk on the wild side

I met Stephanie at the new headquarters this morning so I could do this year’s orientation.  The building of the headquarters was finished last year after I left, so I got the grand tour today.  There is a new visitor’s center located there, and I may work there occasionally this year.  I prefer the VIS that is actually located on the refuge.  In slow times, I can easily step outside to observe wildlife while keeping an ear out for approaching visitors.  That’s not so easy to do at the new facility.  It’s a wonderful facility, though.  I’ll post more about it after another visit.IMG_3828There is a nice pond located behind the building with a paved walk for visitors.


As Stephanie and I stood on the bridge crossing the pond, we noticed this frog and many dragonflies laying their eggs in the pond.  It was next to impossible to photograph the constantly moving dragonflies.  I tried, but just couldn’t do it.  Then we headed down the path to Lake Anahuac.

IMG_3831As we went down the boardwalk, Stephanie asked me to take a picture of this snake.  She thought it might be a smooth green snake, and needed it documented as it hasn't yet been recorded on the refuge.


When you’re out for a walk with Stephanie, you just don’t saunter along.  Sometimes you have to get down and personal with the wildlife.  Smile 


After her inspection, she was thinking it was a rough green snake, but I’ll send her my close-up just in case.  As we headed further down the path, I was swarmed by hundreds of mosquitoes while Stephanie only had one or two around her.  They were eating me alive, so I had to call a halt to the walk on the wild side.  I was afraid I might need a transfusion.


Later in the afternoon, Emma and I took a drive down refuge roads and found a couple of white ibis giving us a look.  I also had a great encounter with a little blue heron, but I’ll save those pics for tomorrow.

I’m sure some of you know what happens when you feed a dog some turkey.  Well, I haven’t given Emma any turkey, but she’s about gassing me out this evening as I write this post!  OMG!  Smile with tongue out  Pass me a gas mask!  I guess it’s time to go so I can change my seat!

Thanks for stopping by… talk to you later,  Judy