Saturday, November 19, 2011

A surprising daytime visitor

On the way to get groceries this morning, I decided to take care of a couple of other chores along the way.  I wanted to go through an automatic car wash to get off all the residue on the front of the car that accumulates from the exhaust of the motorhome when it is towed.  Never had this problem until I got this rig since the engine is in the back.  Pulled into the washer to deposit my money, and the machine said it was broken. Please come again.  Okay, so I moved on to the new Dollar General that had opened in Winnie.  Sign on that door said they would open at noon… two strikes.  I’m having a real problem finding those little doggy poop bags, and thought a new store might stock them.  At least the Market Basket in town was open and running.  I prefer to shop at the HEB in Beaumont, but this store is 30 miles closer.  The prices are a little higher here, and the selection is not as great, but I like to support local enterprises as well. 

This store has enough young employees that they take your purchases out to your car for you, and tipping is not allowed.  Only problem with that is how much they put in each bag.  I use cloth bags that I bring into the store, and I always bring plenty of them so the weight can be spread out.  Next time I think I’ll ask them to think of me as their little old grandma who can’t handle all the canned goods in one bag. 

_MG_4020 _MG_4017

It’s hard to believe, but I forgot to bring my binoculars with me yesterday as we went into the East unit to see all of the waterfowl.  So I had to use my camera to identify this hatching year female Cooper’s hawk.  I then knew it was a young bird because of the vertical striping on its breast, and knew it was a female by its size.  Females in this species are quite a bit bigger than the males.


We also found a rather small turtle near the water by the hunter’s check station.  Stephanie was interested to hear that it had yellow striping on the head rather than red.

Early this afternoon, Emma went berserk while she was on her tie out.  She generally only gives a few barks if a turkey vulture or a red-tailed hawk soars over our site, but this time she went on and on.  I grabbed my camera and headed out the door.


                                Aha!  A nine banded armadillo was making its way along the fence line.

_MG_4086 _MG_4093

See those long nails on its front foot?  They are great diggers.  They also don’t see very well, so are pretty easy to approach.  If they have to cross a creek, or stream, or bayou, they can do it in one of two ways.  They can either hold their breathe and just walk across the bottom, or they can inflate air sacks and swim across.  If it’s a stressful time for finding food, pregnant females can also delay the development of their embryos until things improve.  Just toss out those little bits of trivia the next time you’re at a lack for conversation.  Rolling on the floor laughing


                                                                                THE END!

Thanks for stopping by… talk to you later,  Judy