Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Almost there

Well, I talked myself into doing another heat scorched 240 miles again today, and have ended up in Williamston, NC.  I was almost exclusively on Interstates and limited access highways, and in all those miles there was only one rest area.  It came after only an hour and a half of my near six hour drive.  A bigger concern to me was finding a gas station I could get in and out of.  I had left the campground with a half a tank, and wanted to fill it up as soon as possible.  There just don’t seem to be as many big truck stops here in North Carolina as I’ve seen in more westerly states. 

My rig isn’t a diesel pusher, so I have to find a place that I can get into and out of at the regular pumps.  It’s always a challenge, and causes me more heartburn than most anything else I encounter on the road.  After 100 miles, there was finally a Flying J with an RV lane.  Halleluiah!  The young lady at the counter really didn’t want to turn the pump on for me so I could get more than the allotted $75 worth of gas, but she finally agreed.  So I went back out to fill up, and the pump wouldn’t start.  Seems she couldn’t hear the chime inside to start the pump since she had one of those ear buds filling her head with loud music.  Grrr!  After four trips back inside the station, I was finally able to get underway again.


Around 2:30 I finally arrived at Pierce’s RV and Mobile Home Park.  So far tonight, I’m the only RV visiting here.  There are 30 full hookup RV spaces in this well manicured ‘back 40’.  With an Escapees discount, the cost is $22; cash on the barrel head.


It’s only 2 miles off the main drag of US 64, and is a quiet rural spot to grab a good night’s sleep before the final push to the Outer Banks.  Oddly enough, I have 4G coverage here with my Verizon Air Card. 

I’ll be meeting Abbey Reibel, the volunteer coordinator, tomorrow morning to decide which spot I’ll set up camp at.  Our meeting place is about 80 miles down the road, so it will be an easy jaunt in the morning before it gets back up into the 90’s.  (fingers crossed)  All I hooked up tonight was the electric so I could get the AC going inside.  Should make for an early exit tomorrow.  Not an exciting day, but I’m ‘almost there!’

Thanks for stopping by… talk to you later,  Judy