Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Snail Mail Collective Partners + Everyday Happy Giveaway!

First things first. We have the next Snail Mail Collective Pairings up and ready to go! We had over 155 people sign up this month! Each month I love reading about your partners, seeing your tweets and the general excitement over meeting someone new. After all, I believe that's what blogging is all about. Not the numbers, not the hope of blogger fame, but the inevitable friendships that are made from people that were once perfect strangers. Click on the link below to find out who your partner for this month is!

Pairings are at the bottom of this post. Please take a moment to read the rules of this program and to figure out what to do next: 

1. The theme for this month is 'Back to School'

2. You have 72 hours to communicate with your partner. If your partner does NOT respond within 72 hours, please e-mail Chelsea at lostintravelsblog@gmail.com to be re-paired by 11pm PST on September 13th. Re-pairing requests will not be taken after this time.

3. You have about two weeks to get to know your partner. After that, your package MUST be sent by September 22nd. 

4. Your gift(s) should total no more than $5Think small, but meaningful. Also, all packages must include a postcard (preferable) or a letter to your partner. Motivate them, tell them all the beautiful things you learned about them this month, and make them feel special!

5. Once you receive your gifts, we highly encourage you to write a blog post about your experience. Share what you gave, received, and learned through participating in the Snail Mail Collective and meeting your new buddy. At the beginning of each month, we will hold a link-up on our blogs (The Nectar Collective & Lost in Travels) where you can share and link-up your SMC blog posts. This way, you can see how people around the world interpreted the theme, learn about other cultures, and meet even more new friends!!

6. We did our best to pair you with someone from a different country. If your partner is from the same country as you, then we tried to put you with someone from a different state or region. If you didn't get an international partner, we hope you understand and still have a blast building a friendship with someone new! That's what this is all about, right? 

If you didn't sign-up for this round, but want to participate next month, look out for next month's sign-up form which will be posted on The Nectar Collective and Lost in Travels on October 1st. We'd love for you to join us!


And secondly....Happy Tuesday Everyone!!  Today is a day to really be happy.  Today, my friends and I have come together to support our friends' (Erika and Melyssa) new project Everyday Happy - an ecourse to finding your happy, everyday!  We are so excited for them, the course and the lives that they will be reaching that we couldn't NOT put together a GIVEAWAY for all our our lovely readers.  We realize that some people would love the opportunity to participate in this course with these amazing ladies who are the coaches of this course, but may not be able to afford it financially.  We're sending one of you to participate in e-course FREE OF CHARGE!  Check out these 10 Reasons why you should enter this giveaway!

Stephanie | Victoria | Erika | Kayli | Mal | Crystal | Chelsea | Amanda | Kenzie | Aukele

This giveaway could not have been possible without my amazing sponsors and lovely friends so please say hello to them and visit their blogs!!

Now on to the giveaway!


1. Upon verification of winning and required entry, the winner will be
contacted within 3 days after the contest closes.

2. Winner must respond within 48 hours of the email, or another
winner will be chosen (please add 91dash@gmail.com to your address book).

3. This contest is open internationally.

Have an amazing day!!

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