Friday, August 3, 2012


Dear USA, you rock but can you stop shoving all the things we’ve missed in our face? It’s just going to make it that much harder to leave. Dear sister, thanks for making such cute babies. We laugh at how “big” her eyes are but I think we’ve just been living in Korea for too long. Dear sister (you get two letters this week), I'm shocked by how absolutely amazing you looked after just pushing a tiny person out of you. I just hope I can pull that off when I have kids in about ten years.
{say hello to Ms. Teagen Harper}

Dear Senor’s, you’ve lived up to our memories of amazing Mexican food, thank you. I think the waiter was grossed out at how fast we can finish five baskets of chips.
Dear family, thanks for an amazing welcome. Nothing like hearing hoots and hollers and large signs to make you feel special.
Dear weather, you feel like a giant blow dryer on us at all times, is that really necessary? Dear Lake Hudson, you never cease to amaze me and are always the perfect getaway. I love that my parents live at a lake house year round.Dear paddle boarding, you are the perfect workout for the gal who is sick of working out. Except for coming back against a strong current and over small waves…not so much fun.
Dear Branson, although you are largely populated by people who drive too slow, (or in our experience, on the wrong side of the road) you’re pretty fun. Silver Dollar City was definitely a highlight especially since it was hot and overcast so there were no lines. Thank you everyone for not showing up.
Dear dad, I forgot how amazing your Swedish pancakes were. A nice nostalgic piece of the trip. Especially when it's topped off with local blueberry maple syrup.
Happy almost weekend! I’ll probably be out of commission next week as I soak up every last minute of American goodness but I’ll be back for next week’s Friday’s Letter’s. Have a great weekend!