Friday, March 1, 2013


Yep, situation normal…all fuzzed* up!  Remember last week when we had the man bleeding all over the place from his head?  Well today as I pulled into the VC, our brown shirt leader was leaving to go home ill.  That meant I would not be able to get onto the computer to write up my Woodpecker program outline.  I was supposed to do that yesterday, but things came up and I ended up working the VC all day with 244 visitors. 

Then after Barb and I opened up, we found out there was no water supply.  That meant having to lock the bathrooms so we wouldn’t have backed up toilets.  Did anyone tell us this was going to happen?  No.  Eventually after having to investigate, we found out that there was nothing we could do about it.  The folks installing the new docks had shut off the water.  It would have been nice to know that ahead of time.  There was one very desperate man looking for a bathroom.  I hope everything came out all right for him. Disappointed smile

Last night as I tried to watch the Netflix classic movie “For Whom the Bell Tolls”, I couldn’t… bad disk.  Then when I got my mail this afternoon, the post office only delivered the front cover to my next Netflix.  No disk, no pocket, just the front part with my name and address.  Shifty

After lunch and working on my program outline at the rig, I returned to the VC to find a hubbub going on about a woman who had lost her purse.  She was from Ontario and had left just before I got there to head for the rest area near Savannah, about two and a half hours away to see if she left it there.  Then I escorted some folks into the auditorium to view our excellent video.  The mother of that family found a purse when she went to sit down in the theater.  Turned out it belonged to the woman from Canada.  Then ensued a wild hour or so of trying to get in contact with the woman.  (She had her driver’s license, charge cards, cash, and medications in that purse and had been understandably upset before she left.  Her husband, in the meantime, couldn’t be bothered with her purse.  He was too busy taking photos. The three of us kind of agreed that we’d deep six him!)   We found a phone number in the purse and left a message, but who knows if it was a cell phone or their home phone in Ontario?  We did all we could which included calling the rest area and the state park where we thought they might be staying. 

Thankfully, there was a highlight to the day.  Just before I left for lunch and to let Emma out, a woman approached the desk for the second time in as many weeks and asked if I was Judy Bell.  I guess I just can’t deny that. 

IMG_1651 (2)

It turned out to be Peggy Hayward, a reader of my blog from Connecticut.  It always amazes me when perfect strangers walk up to introduce themselves as readers.  She is going to come along on my bird tour tomorrow, so I’m hoping to get to know her better. 

I’ve heard that when life is never dull it keeps you young at heart.  I sure hope that’s true.

Thanks for stopping by… talk to you later,  Judy