Thursday, December 1, 2011

Back to the birds, and a goodbye

Time to drive the refuge roads and do trash detail again this afternoon.  Yesterday I went on a drive to specifically see birds and got skunked.  Today, I went to look for trash and found birds galore.  Go figure.


Before I left, I watched an interesting way to plant a field.  The other day, a tractor came by the field next to the RV pads and mowed and disked the area.  Today, staff was out there planting.  Two guys shoveled seed while one guy blew it off of the trailer with a leaf blower while the truck slowly drove along.  Then a tractor came by with huge rollers to flatten the seed into the ground.  I’ve never seen this kind of planting before.


                      Found one of the gazillion Savannah sparrows that inhabit the refuge in the winter.


           I then came across a meeting of egret minds.  What do you imagine they were discussing?


In a rice field along the entrance road, about six thousands snow geese were working the harvested field.


In amongst the snow geese where several Ross’s geese.  They kind of look like miniature snow geese.  There are two in this picture.  One smack dab in the middle of the pic behind a snow goose, and another about three feet in front.


Then I finally found my first alligator of the year.  With the drought, they’ve been harder to find this year.  I’m posting this pic especially for DONNA  of Cave Dwelling fame.  This will be a safe way for her to see one.Party smile


While the gator lay there sunning, several white ibis and great egrets flew into the wet area.


Don’t think I’d be feeding this close to a ten foot alligator.  I was hoping to get an action shot of the gator procuring dinner, but nothing ever happened.

Late this afternoon, I read that my friend PIDGE has decided to come off of the road with her husband.  She has been experiencing medical issues and now has her truck and fifth wheel up for sale.  She has also decided to quit blogging.  I’ll miss reading her Frugal Traveler posts.  Best wishes Pidge!  I know that’s a decision all of us RVers will have to make at some time, but I can’t stop feeling that the decision came sooner than she wished. 

Thanks for stopping by… talk to you later,  Judy